People have talked about flavoured whisky for years. But it's just not in the spirit of the industry to allow this - even if it is in the spirit of the spirit. 

Never one to back down from a challenge, and to the chagrin of our 'betters' we've given the idea a twist. Paying homage to the original flavours that were mixed with whisky in Ebineezer Connal's time, we've developed a range of whisky bitters - when mixed with the finely balanced Finnieston, these flavours give your whisky a different personality - one that you can make suit the way you like to drink it. 

The whisky bitter flavours we've chosen are not by random. They're flavours that have a strong connection to Scotland, it's local herbs and those brought back by the traders. They have been selected to honour some of the great whisky drinks and cocktails from around the world. They have been selected to bring out the best of both the whisky and of the mixers.