The great whisky trade is still an old fashioned business - it's not known for crazy innovation and experimentation. And we respect this bastion of heritage and we appreciate the unwillingness to conform to society's insatiable appetite for change.

However, today's whisky industry is not one that Ebenezer Connal, the original founder of The Finnieston Distillery, or his generation  would recognise. Back then, whisky was a drink of the people, dismissive of ritual and ceremony. It would never have been frowned upon to mix your whisky with any number of flavours to make your favourite drink (not to mention hiding some of the less desirable tastes that could come from the barrel now and then). 

Mixing has always been part and parcel of whisky drinking. It's only over the past 40 years that whisky has turned its back on its down to earth heritage and no nonsense appeal. The Finnieston celebrates whisky's great heritage and your right to drink it how you please. Specially blended to benefit from mixing, The Finnieston has just the right balance of quality malt and grain to create a drink that is neither over powering or weak-kneed when mixed with any number of things you choose.